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News: The Original Ford Capri

Put simply, this is one of my favourite British Fords, a car from the last days of winklepicker shoes, DA hairstyles and British rock & roll. The fact that Heinz Just Like Eddie Burt once drove a Consul Capri 335 seems so appropriate, for this is a car of innate glamour, from its tail fins to the radiator grille decorated with five stars.

News: Do You Remember the Ford 'Consul' Granada

Back in the 1970s, the likes of the Ford Granada GXL or Ghia Mk. I were often regarded as vehicles for the local elite; factory owners or the proprietor of a small chain of tobacconists. You were more likely to encounter one of the cheaper models as a minicab, company car or estate carrying a family to a holiday in Swanage and for these versions, Ford revived a famous badge - the Consul.

News: 60 Years of the Ford Thames 400E

In those distant days before the introduction of the Transit in 1965, a remote time when listening to Adam Faith’s records was regarded as evidence of mild decadence, the van of choice for many a builder, grocer or jobbing gardener was the Ford Thames 400E.


The 100E is the epitome of a car that could never fall into the category of ‘Forgotten Classic’. Today there is a thriving owners’ club for the Ford that was once as much a part of British motoring as traffic lights on black and white striped poles. On a personal note, when growing up in the 1970s, I saw a good many customised examples, often driven by gentlemen whose look was inspired by Les Gray, the lead singer of Mud.

News: Formula Ford

For the first time in a while, qualifying saw all the Formula Fordsters on track at the same time meaning it was busy! I managed a decent time on one of the first laps putting in 4th. On my last lap I had a green first sector but unfortunately came across traffic and couldn’t put the lap together so finished P6 on the grid.

News: Car of the Month – Ford Puma

Ford launched its baby coupe in 1997 and based on proven Ford Fiesta mechanics, the car was versatile, exciting to drive and demand was instant.

News: Stuart Turp’s 1969 Ford Capri Wins The Inaugural Lancaster Insurance Pride Of Ownership

Stuart Turp from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, became the first winner of the inaugural Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership at the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show, as visitors to Birmingham’s NEC voted his 1969 Ford Capri 1600 GT XLR as their ‘Pride and Joy’.

News: Any Colour You Like – As Long As it’s Ford!

A review of International Ford Day, by Jamie McTavish: Car Club Manager for Lancaster Insurance.

News: 40 Years of the Ford Fiesta

Production of the Fiesta Mk.1 ceased in 1983, and its last major version was the 105 mph ‘pepper-pot’ alloy wheeled XR2, launched two years earlier. Today, it sometimes appears that there are more on the road than the 20,000 Ford originally built, and the rarest examples are the Popular, the base and the L– those Fiestas that for so many years were virtual street furniture across the UK.

News: We review the Silverstone Classic & Ford Fair

'Two very different shows, one very vibrant movement.' They were just a week apart and in the same venue, yet this year’s Silverstone Classic and Ford Fair couldn’t have been more different – although there was one marked similarity. We review them here.

News: Lancaster Insurance supports annual charity Ford run

Over the weekend of the 20th - 21st August, classic Fords will be out in full force for the annual ‘North Wales Classic Fords Snowdonia Run’. In its seventh year, the event, organised by the North Wales Classic Fords Club and supported by Lancaster Insurance, will drive the 100 mile route taking in breath-taking views throughout.


There is something undeniably imposing about a Ford Zodiac Mk. III. It is the sort of car that demands a camel-haired overcoat and a trilby hat, one for trips to Goodwood or at least a journey in style to the cash and carry.