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During my primary school years, one of our close neighbours owned a dark grey 1966 Amazon Estate and compared with the Ford Cortina Mk. IIIs and Datsun 120Y Sunnys that populated the village, the Volvo looked far older than its years.

News: Meet The Owner – Peter Frost and his Wartburg 311

‘Most people haven’t got a clue what it is. Some think it is a Volvo while others read the badging on the front and get it confused with a Borgward’. But to be fair, Peter Frost’s 1963 Wartburg 311 Luxus-Limousine is a fairly exclusive sight, even by the standards of the classic car world.


A major joy of the classic car world is the finding of a famous or historically important model in a barn, a field or even beneath some bramble bushes. The original Saint ‘Volvo’ and the Bullitt ‘Jump Mustang’ are two famous examples and seven years before Genevieve entered production, the 1904 Darracq was found in a London scrap yard.

News: Club of The Month: March 2017

A warm welcome to our new club partners, and ‘Club of the Month’, Volvo Enthusiast Club.


Life can be challenging for the classic car enthusiast when they are watching a film or a television programme. For those of you who are berated by their family or friends for kindly and selflessly pointing out a glaring automotive error in a production – I share your pain.

News: What are the most popular classic cars in the UK?

Few things beat owning your very own classic car. It feels good to have a little slice of history in your garage, and to own something no longer in production.

News: The Top Ten Car Rules for Great 1960s and 1970s Television

After many years – decades even - of viewing some of the finest spy/thriller shows to hail from the ITC empire I feel that I have identified the vital ingredients behind their success.

News: The Five Worst Screen Car Chases

There are those films with car chases that thrill and inspire – Bullitt, The Italian Job, Brannigan - but there are also those pictures with such wayward pursuit sequences that the viewer eventually begins to wonder if he/she dreamt them. Here are my five such memorable moments:

News: Top Ten Affordable Coupes of the 1980s

Some of these fine coupes may often be seen at car shows across the country while others are rarer than a Bugatti Royale. Here are, in my opinion, the Top Ten Affordable Coupes of the 80s.

News: Roger Moore 14th October 1927 - 23rd May 2017. A Tribute.

As a devoted fan of Sir Roger Moore, I have been writing about quite a few of his television programmes and films for Lancaster Insurance. My aim, as many of you would have already guessed, was to pen a celebration of 40 years of The Spy Who Loved Me this July followed by a 90th birthday tribute in October. Instead, this is a tribute to an actor who always seemed to deprecate his talents but whose deceptively light touch, plus a succession of very fine motor cars helped to entertain and inspire millions of people around the world.

News: 2,500 reasons to visit the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery

That’s right, 2,500 cars will be filling the halls of the NEC at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, and while we would love to tell you about all of them now, that would just ruin the surprise.

News: Man in a Suitcase

Many readers who grew up during the 1980s will recall how late on autumn nights ITV would screen re-runs of a spy programme concerning a prematurely grey-haired America private eye who drove a succession of Hillman Imps... - Written by Andy Roberts