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In the 1950s, no line of traffic would have been complete without an example of the E83W range en route to delivering coal, laundry, milk or, in summer, ice cream cornets. Their rate of progress could never be described as ‘rapid’ – there appears to be no instance of an E83W getaway vehicle in a British B-film – but they were almost guaranteed to reach their destination.

News: Classic Fords you remember from childhood

No matter how young or old you are, you’ll remember Fords on the streets of your hometown. From Anglias to Zodiacs, the Ford range over the decades has been quite extraordinary. So which Ford model makes you go all misty-eyed? Jog your memory by reading all about our top 12 Fords in the UK from the 1960s to the 1980s.


We recently showcased the Rover 800, and Alex Sebbinger-Sparks is the proud owner of a rather notable top-of-the-range example. ‘Being registered in the first week of August 1986, this car was one of the first batches of “Silver Leaf” 800s’.

News: Meet The Owner – Adrian Miller and his Vauxhall Viva HB SL90 Crayford Convertible

Last year we featured Adrian’s Viva De Luxe “Brabham” but, incredibly, this is not the rarest car in his collection. In March 1968, Crayford Engineering transformed five of the HB range into dropheads. Each was based on the SL90, finished in white and wore Cosmic Mk. I alloy wheels’. Luton officially approved the conversion, and they were distributed solely by the Leeds Vauxhall dealership Wallace Arnold.

Lancaster Insurance Classic and Supercar Show 2019

Taking place at the famous Dorset Castle on 21st July, the annual event will once again be raising money for a range of national and local charities. The marque feature for 2019 will be Porsche.

News: The history of the Ford Escort

Few models of car offer as much variety as the beloved Ford Escort. From small family saloons to hot hatches and rally cars, from panel vans to luxury models, the range has given us everything. Between the late 1960s and the new millennium, there have been six generations of this perennially popular car on Britain’s streets. In total, some 4.1 million models were sold in the UK, and it frequently topped the bestseller lists.

News: Lancaster Insurance expands cover for prestige vehicles

Lancaster Insurance has today announced a new partnership with Chubb to enhance its high value offering. Understanding that a standard policy may not always provide the right cover, the new scheme will give owners the confidence to truly enjoy their prestige vehicle with a range of bespoke benefits on offer.

News: The history of Morris Motors

If you stop to think about truly iconic British vehicles, or indeed companies, it won’t be long before the name Morris pops up. Morris Motors was one of the true giants of 20th Century Britain, operating through both world wars and creating a range of successful, iconic vehicles.


The term ‘icon’ is one vastly overused in the media, from soap actors in with the dramatic power of Stingray, to popstars who have extended their range by learning a fourth chord. Similarly, in terms of British motor vehicles, only a select group may be genuinely described as ‘iconic’ - including the Transit Mk 1. Put simply, this was the Ford that redefined the light commercial.

News: How to plan a campervan holiday to Denmark

Denmark is deservedly one of Europe’s top locations when it comes to campervan holidays and it’s not hard to see why, with a terrific range of activities and landscapes to explore.

News: A history of British Leyland

It's probably fair to say that the name 'British Leyland' conjures up mixed associations these days – pride in the postwar boom years of British motor manufacturing, to be sure, and in some iconic individual cars such as the Range Rover and Jaguar XJ-S.

News: Club of the Month - P6 Rover Owners Club

The P6 Rover Owners Club (P6ROC) was established in 1982. It’s non-profit making and voluntarily run by Deborah Stanley and a team of dedicated enthusiasts ensuring the survival of all P6 models in the 2000, 2200 and 3500 ranges.