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We specialise in finding you the cover you need, from our panel of trusted insurers.

Unoccupied Home Insurance

We specialise in finding you the cover you need, from our panel of trusted insurers.

Subsidence Home Insurance

We specialise in finding you the cover you need, from our panel of trusted insurers.

Multi Car Classic Insurance

If you have more than one classic car in your household, it can quickly become a chore remembering all your insurance renewal dates and policy numbers. Thankfully, we can arrange one insurance scheme that covers all your classic cars in one policy! Combining your classic vehicles in one single policy is a cost-effective way to cover all your cars. In order for us to be able to obtain the best multi-car insurance deal, please complete the call-back request form. We will then call you at a convenient time to discuss your insurance requirements. Alternatively, you can telephone us to discuss your specific classic car insurance requirements.


For many years the Austin Allegro was the subject of myth, folklore, received wisdom and downright abuse. Fortunately, the once-familiar “British Leyland Jokes” appear to have largely vanished, and any surviving model is now an object of fascination.


Yesterday Ford announced the end to production in 2022 of the Mondeo - bringing to end a nearly thirty-year tradition. It is quite bizarre to think that little over 11 years separates the launch of the first models from the last of the Cortinas, and some readers will remember how in 1982, the debut of the Sierra caused shock-waves amongst Ford traditionalists. Indeed, some had not yet recovered when they heard rumours of an FWD replacement.

News: 20 fascinating facts about the Fiat 500

Oozing Italian Dolce Vita charm, the diminutive Fiat 500 was a big hit throughout Europe when it first launched in 1957. And that popularity has endured until the present today.

News: Fire safety when touring in your campervan

Fires in campervans are extremely rare, but when they do happen they can cause a huge amount of damage. If you have ever lost a campervan to fire or seen one go up in flames, you’ll know just how dramatic, upsetting, and costly it can be.

News: 7 fast facts about the Lotus Elise

For a time, you couldn’t go for a drive without seeing a Lotus Elise – never a bad thing. But they are a much rarer sight these days, even though they’re still in production.

News: All about the new Electric MGB GT

There’s been a slew of electrified classic cars to hit the market recently, with manufacturers including Aston Martin and Volkswagen all trying to perfect the formula for blending classic looks of the past with a motor that’s fit for the zero-carbon future. The latest attempt to nail the formula comes from British company RBW with an electrified take on the MGB.


As the BMC/BLMC ADO16 was the UK’s best-selling car for many years, it is sometimes easy to overlook their presence in world markets. Here are seven of the most intriguing overseas interpretations:

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Buy Your Lancaster Top Trumps Today!