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News: Club of the Month: September 2016

This month, for Club of the Month September 2016, our spotlight falls on the MR2 Drivers’ Club.

News: 50 Years of the Viva HB

We look back at the Viva HB at 50. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: 1950 Nipper Milk Truck

We caught up with Jonathan Smith to find out more about this sole survivor, a rather quirky looking vehicle that didn’t have a seat and had no doors or windows. But Jonathan just couldn’t resist the charm of a 1950 Nipper Milk Truck.

News: The Magnificent Seven Microcars

The Magnificent Seven Microcars... Or, a wholly and utterly subjective list of my very favourite microcars – all very different and all with industrial levels of charm! - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: Top Ten 4-Seater Coupes

Do you dread the thought of leaking hoods and malfunctioning heaters as autumn approaches? Then have no fear of frost or damp as we present a list of our Top Ten 4-Seater Coupes! - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: Lancaster Insurance supports annual Mini Fair 2

On the 16th October, Mini enthusiasts will be out in full force for the annual Mini Fair 2 and Spares Day, organised by the British Mini Club. Lancaster Insurance is thrilled to be the sole insurance sponsor and attendee at the event, following on from becoming one of the clubs official insurance partners in March.

News: Club of the Month: October 2016

This month, for Club of the Month October 2016, our spotlight falls on one of our newest club partners,

News: 30 Years Of The Jaguar XJ40

Was it really 30 years ago that Jaguar launched one of its most important ever models? Take My Breath Away was apparently being played on the hour by every radio station, ITV was still screening 3-2-1 to non-discriminating viewers and, on 8th October 1986, the XJ40 was unveiled. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: The Austin Champ - The Land Rover Rival That Could Have Been a Contender

As the Land Rover Defender has recently passed into motoring history, it is timely to remember one of the British pretenders to its crown. The Austin Champ now seems to belong to a black and white past of National Servicemen in Pathé Newsreels and low-budget science fictions films about alien beings invading Chobham Common. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Man in a Suitcase

Many readers who grew up during the 1980s will recall how late on autumn nights ITV would screen re-runs of a spy programme concerning a prematurely grey-haired America private eye who drove a succession of Hillman Imps... - Written by Andy Roberts

News: 50 Years Of The Jensen Interceptor

The Jensen Interceptor, to put it frankly, does not look 50 years old. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Heroes of Motoring – The Stunt Professionals

It’s 1986 and you're watching a Bank Holiday revival of Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150AD on BBC1. The opening sequence features a familiar screen face... Surely the driver of the getaway Jaguar Mk. X evading the long arm of Bernard Cribbins was the same chap who crashed his S-Type in the pre-credit scene of Stoppo Driver, one of the finest episodes of The Sweeney? Indeed it was, in the form of the great stuntman Rocky Tayor. We look at the Heroes of Motoring – The Stunt Professionals. - Written by Andy Roberts