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News: How to protect your campervan keys

Whether you’re at home, in the supermarket or at the beach, we all know that sinking feeling when you’re looking for your campervan keys and you have the sudden realisation you’ve lost them. Or even worse, they’ve been stolen!

News: How to prevent damage to your campervan windscreen

The windscreen of a classic camper is particularly vulnerable to harm. Any self-respecting owner won’t want the head-turning powers of their retro vehicle to be spoilt by some unsightly cracks or chips.

Win a Car Entry Form

Win a Car Entry Form

News: The BMW Baroque Angel – a Celebration

If you were reading the 11th October edition of Autocar in 1957, you might have noticed an advertisement headlined ‘For the Discerning Motorist’. Naturally, you read on, as this clearly referred to a driver such as yourself, one who appreciated ‘Sober elegance of line, outstanding performance, admirable road holding and first-class craftsmanship’.

News: The Lady Riva - A Celebration

Signs that you are reaching old age – a) realising that The Young Ones first aired 38 years ago and b) that there are just 41 Rivas believed to remain on the road in this country.

News: The Bond Cars of Sean Connery

In tribute to the late Sean Connery - a few facts about his 007 transport:

News: Important Dates in British Motoring History

Your quick crib sheet for winning a car-related argument.

News: Meet The Owners – Rebecca And Stephen’s Mini Jet Black and Red Hot

Back in 1988, the Mini Jet Black was your passport to Yuppie success – all for a mere £4,282. Not only did it boast tinted glass, a push-button radio, front head restraints and black velour trim, there were even red seat belts to match the proud owner’s braces. Matching the Mini that looks ‘Smooth on The Streets’ was the “Red Hot” – ‘Hot Stuff For Cold Nights!’.

News: The Jensen 541S - A Celebration

The year is 1960, the venue is the London Motor Show, and the place is Stand 134. Of course, any car that hailed from the West Bromwich factory was an object of desire, but the new Jensen 541S was especially eye-catching. It was not just that it was four inches wider than the outgoing 541R or that it boasted a conventional grille, rather than the familiar adjustable panel. The Jensen on display at Earls Court was Britain’s first car fitted with seat-belts as standard equipment.

News: 6 reasons to buy a classic as your first car

Everyone remembers their first car – some stick in the memory for good reasons, while others are remembered less fondly. If you’re in the market for your first car, make sure you choose wisely – and that includes considering a classic.

News: Why should you sell your car at auction?

If you’ve decided that now is the time to sell your classic car, you’ve got a few options to weigh up. You can sell it privately, take it to a specialist dealer or try your luck at the auction.

News: Meet the Owner - David Henderson and his Saab 99 GL

The Turbo almost inevitably dominates the Saab 99 story, but during the 1980s you were far more likely to encounter the cheaper but equally appealing GL. In June 1978 Car praised its ‘unexpectedly lively performance’, ‘crisp handling’, ‘good riding comfort’ plus the Saab’s ‘solidity and roadworthiness’. Few could ask for more in a family saloon – especially one equipped with a heated driver’s seat.