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Which is best – caravan or motorhome?

  • 7th October, 2020

Which is best – caravan or motorhome? It’s a great question and one that anyone getting into the world of ‘on the road’ holidays will ask themselves. Just as with finding the right motorhome insurance you’ll need to weigh up a fair amount of options before coming to a conclusion.

Meet The Owner – Andy Wheeler And His Vauxhall Vx 4/90 Fe

  • Maxine Bowell |
  • 5th October, 2020

It would be fair to say that Andy Wheeler is a devotee of the last of the “traditional” big Vauxhalls and when he discovered NGP 470 P for sale - ‘by pure chance’ – he knew that he had to buy it.

The Corona Rt40 – The First Toyota In Britain

  • Maxine Bowell |
  • 2nd October, 2020

The 1965 London Motor Show was full with exciting new models; the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, the Aston Martin DB6, the Vauxhall Cresta PC, the Triumph 1300 and the MGB GT. There was also a quartet from a Japanese firm named Toyota. The entry-level Corona saloon cost £790 16ds 11d, the three-door station wagon £843 14s, the 1600S four-door £1,077 4s 10d and the 1600S Coupe £1,194 3d.

Club of the month

  • 1st October, 2020

The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain was founded in 1978 by and aims to bring together the 2CV community to enjoy their shared passion.

Where will your next 4x4 adventure take you?

  • Maxine Bowell |
  • 30th September, 2020

Whilst getting out and exploring the British countryside in our 4x4s may have been put on hold for part of this year, there is still plenty to look forward to for the remainder of 2020 and onwards! Whether you prefer your voyages to be muddy, fast paced and full of action or to simply admire the countryside, off the beaten track, below is a guide to help you get the best experience from your prized off-roader.

Lancaster Insurance widens MG schemes

  • 29th September, 2020

Lancaster Insurance has further cemented its association with the MG marque by extending its specialist scheme for club members, meaning owners of the F and TF can enjoy a range of classic benefits. The classic car insurance specialist has widened its acceptance criteria to encompass these modern classics and it can now arrange cover for drivers from 19 years old providing they have held a full UK license for two years, dependent on usage and circumstance,

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, postponed to 2021 due to Covid uncertainty

  • 29th September, 2020

The organisers of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, have decided there is no alternative but to postpone the 2020 event, due to be held this November, despite pulling out all the stops to try and make the annual season finale happen.


  • 28th September, 2020

John became a devotee of the “Five Star Ford” back in 1967 when he bought a green Consul Mk. I – ‘and I passed my driving test in her’.

Car of the Month - Rick Burmingham and his Morris Marina 1.8 HL

  • Maxine Bowell |
  • 28th September, 2020

Mr. Burmingham never really noticed the Marina ‘until my dad bought a used 1.3 saloon in 1975.’ That Morris proved so reliable that four years later ‘he insisted on me buying a 1.3 Coupe to replace a rusting Mini’.


  • 24th September, 2020

When Ken Cooke was a 17-year-old apprentice painter, one of the vehicles he was called on to finish was an early Morris-Commercial J Van.

How to research the history of your classic car

  • 23rd September, 2020

Has anyone interesting owned the car before you, are the manuals and other ephemera still lying in the glove box? All this adds value and is a great talking point at classic car events.


  • Harry Brown |
  • 18th September, 2020

There is, as many of us are all too aware, a grim fasciation in perusing for the numbers of once-familiar sights. Here are seven cars that are on the verge of vanishing from our roads.

The Ford Consul and Zephyr-Six Mk.I At 70

  • Maxine Bowell |
  • 18th September, 2020

Seventy years ago, two of the stars of the 1950 London Motor Show could be found at Stand 154. The Ford Consul and Zephyr-Six not only promised ‘motoring satisfaction at a minimum of cost’ they also appeared startlingly modern in comparison with the Anglia E494, the Prefect and the V8 Pilot.


  • Harry Brown |
  • 16th September, 2020

Sometimes age catches up with even the most alert of classic enthusiasts – not least the fact that on the 1st October the Vauxhall Viva HC celebrates its 50th birthday.