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Dakar Rally

A history of the Dakar Rally

  • 7th July, 2021

Strap yourselves in and check the GPS, as we take a white-knuckle ride through the colourful history of the world’s most demanding endurance rally

Military Museum

Ten of the best military museums in the UK

  • 7th July, 2021

Did you know that we insure lots of old military vehicles here at Lancaster as well as classic cars? From old military Land Rovers to full-on tanks, we’ve got you covered!

Ford Probe Collection


  • 6th July, 2021

Not long ago, we profiled the Ford Probe. So today let’s celebrate the collection of Malcolm Oyston who owns no fewer than six UK-market cars.

Yellow Classic Car

Quick guide to classic wheels

  • 6th July, 2021

When it comes to your classic car, every detail matters. That’s why, if you decide you want to change the wheels, it’s a big decision.

Mini Car meet

The best classic car owners’ clubs to join this year (Part 2)

  • 6th July, 2021

Here at Lancaster, we have been supporting car clubs for the last three decades. We love the camaraderie between owners, meeting lifelong friends and sharing vital tips and knowledge about the vehicles we love the most.

Coventry Town

Classic cars made in Coventry

  • 6th July, 2021

To celebrate Coventry's year as UK City of Culture 2021, we decided to look into the city's illustrious motor manufacturing history.

Morgan Motors

A history of Morgan

  • 6th July, 2021

From their factory on the edge of the Malvern Hills, British car markers Morgan have been at the leading edge of sports and race car manufacture for over a century.

Family Picnic

The UK’s best picnic spots for campervans in 2021

  • 5th July, 2021

Now is the time to start getting out and enjoying the marvels of the UK countryside in your campervan. Pack up the cool box and picnic rug, check the tyre pressures, make sure you're equipped with some decent campervan insurance because it’s time to hit the open road.

Campervan at night

Common risks for campervan drivers you didn’t suspect

  • 5th July, 2021

You’ll be familiar with the common risks associated with life on the road – drink driving, other road users, adverse weather conditions, driving behaviour – and even a few hazards linked specifically to campervans, such as the different dimensions and turning circles.

Man fixing his classic car

10 restoration projects to tackle in 2021

  • 5th July, 2021

Restoring a classic car can be a hugely rewarding process. This is work that requires real concentration and dedication, and will get you deep inside the working parts of your chosen vehicle.

A Porsche Boxter driving at speed on an open road

Future classics from the 2000s

  • 5th July, 2021

You might think it's a little too soon to start earmarking future classics from the 2000s, a decade that seems not long gone. But we’re always thinking about the next great classics here at Lancaster and protecting them for the future.

LJK Setright

L J K Setright – A Celebration

  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 29th June, 2021

When the world was young and the Ford Fiesta 1300S Mk 1 was causing a minor sensation in outer suburbia; this writer was a devotee of Car magazine.

A mouse standing on the edge of a driveway

How to keep mice and rats out of your classic car

  • 29th June, 2021

If you find you’ve got a mini passenger in your Mini Cooper, what action can you take? We’ve put together our top tips for ridding your Riley of rodents – and prevent them from sneaking back.



  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 23rd June, 2021

The Atlas is the sort of vehicle mainly glimpsed in the backgrounds of 1960s British films rather than on the road. The Standard light commercial was a rather appealing machine in its heyday, but it never seemed to find a market niche despite its virtues.